Staff Guidelines

Getting Started

  1. Set your portfolio using -setportfolio <portfolio>.
  2. Set your PayPal email using -setpaypal <email>.
  3. Set your time zone using -settimezone <timezone>.
  4. Set your tip link using -settip < url>.
  5. Read the how we work page to know how the entirety of Mixelate works.
  6. Make sure that you have your Direct Messages ENABLED so our bot can communicate with you.


  1. Staff will always maintain professionalism and maturity when interacting with the community, clients, freelancers, and anyone else.
  2. Staff will not speak ill or poorly of Mixelate or affiliated parties in public channels. If there is an issue, speak with a superior.
  3. Staff will always follow the general server rules and will refrain from purposeful complaining.
  4. Staff will not screenshot, discuss, disclose, or otherwise release any information from private channels (including staff, freelancer, and commission channels).
  5. Staff will not advertise any competing personal services, businesses, political views, opinions, or arguable phrases in their Discord profile, bio, etc. shown across our Discord servers and related owned platforms.

      Payments and Client Conduct

      1. Staff will not take payment from a client directly to their personal PayPal. All payment must be done through Mixelate’s payment bot.
      2. Staff may not contact clients about commissions in private messages. All conversation about a commission must be done in Mixelate’s ticket channels.

          Staff Branding

          1. Profile Picture: Apple Memoji - Just the face with any expression, nothing else. Must be invisible background png.
          2. Bio: :mixelateemoji: **Mixelate** | <primarydivision> <rank>
          3. Status: Status icon as Mixelate emoji, status text as "".
          4. Example: Can be found at:
          Staff branding applies to all Mixelate platforms. If you do not have an iPhone, simply find a Memoji on Google that you like. 




            Eligible roles are enrolled in a bonuses program for rewards like premium profiles, Discord Nitro, and monetary payouts. Earned for milestone achievements or continued great service.