How We Work

Creating a Commission

  1. To create a commission, navigate to the #create-ticket channel and select the 🛒 Commission button.

  2. Once selected, you will be prompted to specify the department, budget or quote, timeline, description, and technical details of their commission.

  3. Once a commission is created, it will be posted to all available freelancers. A channel will be created for you with your username and an ID after, ex. #wilson-4323.

  4. You will then receive quotes from freelancers and perhaps some questions from them. You can then select from your options by comparing their portfolio to their quote.


  1. Once your commission has been claimed, you can further negotiate price, deadlines, and other details with the freelancer. The client will also be able to view the freelancer’s portfolio. If a client wants to work with a different freelancer, they may contact their commission manager to repost the ticket to the freelancers.

  2. Once details have been finalized, the client will be asked to pay. If the freelancer does not specify that they would like the client to pay 100% up-front, the client may choose to pay 50% up-front instead if the commission amount is above $1,000 USD. Clients must pay 100% up-front for commissions that require live changes or are ongoing.

  3. Once your payment has been confirmed, the freelancer will begin work. Payments are confirmed by our bot.


  1. All payments must be done using PayPal Goods and Services.

  2. Payments have a non-refundable fee for listing a commission in order to manage costs of managing the payments, accounting, filing of invoices, and staffing.

  3. Clients will not, under any circumstances, issue a chargeback or dispute a payment. If this occurs, the client will be blacklisted from Mixelate, and a scam report will be opened against them. If there is an issue, Mixelate has moderators trained to review disputes of service and make non-biased decisions.

  4. Clients must pay 100% of the commission price up-front unless the commission is over $1,000 USD and the freelancer agrees to a minimum of 50% upfront.

  5. Unless otherwise agreed upon between the freelancer and the client during the negotiation phase, the client is only entitled to minor revisions 48 hours after the commission has been marked completed. Large revisions, updates, or other changes that are not bug fixes or similar issues will require for the ticket to be re-opened and for further charges to be generated.

  6. Refunds will only be granted in the circumstances outlined in our refund policy with a maximum refund amount of 70%. Maximum refund limits cover costs Mixelate takes when paying for the time, labor, ads, and fees when finding your freelancer and issuing refunds.

Work and Updates

  1. Freelancers are expected to provide clients with updates should they be requested.

  2. Any files that the client receives as an update should be watermarked or otherwise unusable by the client except for purposes of revision, suggestion, and/or client input.

  3. Once work has been completed, the freelancer will notify the client and Mixelate management. 

  4. If the client has not paid 100% up-front, they will be required to complete payment before the final product is sent.

  5. Once the client’s payment has been confirmed, the freelancer will send them the final product.


  1. During the negotiation phase, the client and freelancer should have specified a “revisionary period” in which complementary revisions are provided.

  2. If this period has not been specified, the freelancer is not required to provide revisions, though they may choose to.

  3. Freelancers are required to provide complementary bug fixes within one week of product completion. What is determined to be a “bug fix” may be decided on a case-by-case basis by Mixelate’s management team.