Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How does Mixelate work?

Mixelate is a busienss services company that matches clients with freelancers. We do marketing and clientele gathering for talented freelancers who go through a rigorous application process. Learn more here.

How do payments work?

All payments must be done through Mixelate. Payments have a 10% processing fee to manage costs of managing the payments, accounting, filing of invoices, and staffing. Clients will not, under any circumstances, issue a chargeback or dispute a payment. If this occurs, the client will be blacklisted from Mixelate, and a scam report will be opened against them. Clients must pay 100% of the commission price up-front unless made an exception by a member of the executive team. Regardless of the type of commission, freelancers must request 100% up-front payment or at their own discretion request for an executive to look over a split payment request. Unless otherwise agreed upon between the freelancer and the client during the negotiation phase, the client is not entitled to revisions, updates, or other changes that are not bug fixes or similar issues. Refunds will only be granted in the circumstances outlined below with a maximum refund amount of 70%. Maximum refund limits cover costs Mixelate takes when paying for the time, labor, ads, and fees when finding your freelancer and issuing refunds.

Why I was charged an extra fee in my commission?

A client may incur extra charges if: they request major additions to a product after a price has been finalized; they request major changes to a product that is more than 50% complete; or they change their mind about a major aspect of the product after a price has been finalized.

How does Mixelate make money?

Mixelate makes money through our services provided to clients and freelancers. Learn more here.