Freelancer Guidelines

Getting Started

  1. Set your portfolio using -setportfolio <portfolio>.
  2. Set your PayPal email using -setpaypal <email>.
  3. Set your time zone using -settimezone <timezone>.
  4. Set your tip link using -settip < url>.
  5. Read the how we work page to know how the entirety of Mixelate works.
  6. Make sure that you have your Direct Messages ENABLED so our bot can communicate with you.


    1. Freelancers will always maintain professionalism and maturity when interacting with the community, clients, staff, and anyone else.
    2. Freelancers will not speak ill or poorly of Mixelate or affiliated parties in public channels. If there is an issue, speak with a superior.
    3. Freelancers will always follow Mixelate's terms of service, privacy policy, rules, and will refrain from purposeful complaining.
    4. Freelancers will not screenshot, discuss, disclose, or otherwise release any information from private channels (including staff, freelancer, and commission channels).
    5. Freelancers will make sure to save all information in regard to the commissions they complete in the event details are lost through our platform.

        Commission Steps

        Step One - Claiming Commissions

        1. When a client creates a commission, it will appear in the #commissions channel. Freelancers will be pinged when the commission pertains to their area of work.
        2. To claim a commission, the freelancer must react to the commission. They will then be added to the commission channel.

          Step Two - Negotiation

          1. Once added to the commission channel, the freelancer can discuss price, deadline, technical specifics, and other details with the client.
          2. If a client would like a different freelancer based on price, availability, portfolio, or other factors, the freelancer who claimed the commission may be removed and the commission may be reposted.
          3. Once details like price, deadline, and other technical specifics are finalized, you will move into the purchase phase.
          4. Be sure to negotiate properly, agreeing to an amount without taking fees into consideration is a mistake.

            Step Three - Purchase

            1. Once you are done negotiating, run the command -pay (amount). Example -pay 50. This will also add a processing fee for listing a commission on Mixelate for taxes and other fees. The processing fee is non-refundable.
            2. Once the client’s payment has been confirmed, the freelancer can begin work on the commission. Do not begin work until payment is confirmed.

              Step Four - Work

              1. Freelancers should not begin work on a commission until Mixelate's bot has confirmed that the client has paid. 
              2. If the client asks for updates on a commission, freelancers are expected to provide them.
              3. Even if the client doesn’t ask for updates, it’s a good idea to send them anyway!

                Step Five - Payment

                1. After you have completed a commission, payment should be sent to your PayPal account on the next following payout day, which at this time is Monday before 5pm EST. Holidays and rare events may make this time frame longer. If you have not received your payment by the following pay date, please create a support ticket.
                2. To receive payment, make sure that your PayPal email has been set correctly and you run the command -complete (purchase amount), purchase amount meaning the amount you and the client agreed upon. Failure to run this command correctly will either postpone your payment or have it deleted where you will need to create a support ticket to fix it and a potential additional 5% fee added to what Mixelate takes.
                3. Mixelate takes a 20% cut of all commissions, all payments on both ends are good and services with very little exceptions. Make sure to properly negotiate your payment with this in consideration.